My Body Beast Review

My Body Beast Review

I have been looking for a way to put on some extra muscle as I had recently lost over 30 pounds of fat and decided it was time to tone the flab that was left behind.

I found the latest offering from Beach Body Workouts, Body Beast, and decided to give it a try.

Let me just say, this workout regimen is not for the faint of heart.

You need to be ready to really work hard as Sagi is an absolute beast. He makes you work hard, but the results cannot be argued with.

I was able to pack on about 7 pounds of muscle and tone my entire body in a few months. The results will be based on what you are going for. If you want to pack on muscle, Body Beast is definitely the way to go.

I wanted to write this Body Beast review to talk about how the program works and my personal experience with it. If you’re thinking of buying Body Beast yourself, hopefully this review will give you the information you’re looking for to pull the trigger.


First, What’s in the Body Beast Package?

There are 3 different kits from which to choose:

Base Kit:

The cheapest kit is the base kit, which is 2 payments of $19.95.

In this kit you will receive the 12 Body Beast workouts, the Book of Beast, which includes supplement instructions and a nutritional plan, and the Body Beast training schedules.

You also get the free mobile app. This is a good choice if you are not sure that the program is something that you really want to commit to or if you don’t want to spend too much money up front.

Deluxe Kit:

The deluxe kit is priced at 2 payments of $79.95, and it comes with all of the same things as the base package plus a 30 day supply of the Hardcore Base Shake, a 30 day supply of the Fuel Shot, and a bonus DVD that includes 2 more workouts.

Ultimate Kit:

The ultimate kit is priced at 2 payments of $99.95 and comes with everything in the deluxe kit, plus a 30 day supply of MAX Creatine and 30 days’ worth of Super Suma.

Which kit should you choose?

The base kit is a decent place to start if you already have a supplement regimen that you are comfortable with.

If you are looking for the ultimate build program, the deluxe or ultimate kit are a great choice as you will also get a 30 day supply of supplements to help increase your build.

I personally chose the base kit because I was comfortable with where I was at in the form of vitamins and supplements and really just wanted the workouts to help build muscle.

What you need to complete the workouts

In order to complete these workouts, you are going to need the following:

  • A few sets of dumbbells
  • Stability ball
  • Resistance bands

It is also recommended, but not required to have:

  • Workout bench (adjustable if possible)
  • An EZ-curl bar with weights
  • Pull up bar

If you don’t have weights or any of this equipment at home, don’t worry! You can do all of these workouts at your local gym and use the equipment they have there (it might even be easier this way than doing it at home since you have more equipment at your disposal).

Since Body Beast comes with a free mobile app, you can use the app to complete and track your workouts outside of the house and not have to worry about remembering everything on your own.

The Body Beast Workouts

Now we get into the workouts themselves. The Body Beast program is split into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Build

The first phase of the DVDs focuses on build.

The chest and triceps DVD is 49 minutes long and consists mainly of flies and chest presses.

The legs DVD is a 38 minute workout that focuses on building your leg muscles. There is about a minute of warm up before you start doing squats and other leg exercises. My advice is to take it easy the first time through because it really works the whole body and you want to give your body time to ease into the tough workouts.

The back and biceps program is 50 minutes and works out your back during the first half and finishes with your biceps.

The next DVD consists of a 30 minute shoulder workout and then there is a 30 minute cardio session.

The total body workout DVD is 38 minutes and is pretty much standard circuit training to both build muscle and get your heart rate up.

Phase 2: Bulk

The 2nd phase is for bulk and includes a 30 minute chest workout, a 41 minute leg workout, a 29 minute back workout, a 35 minute arm workout, a 35 minute shoulder workout and a 10 minute abs workout.

Phase 3: Beast

Once you finish the first 2 phases, you move onto the 3rd phase which is simply called the Beast.

This phase lasts for 3 weeks with 6 days on and one day off. It consists of a combination of workouts from the first 2 phases and will put the “finishing touches” on everything you have built up until this point.

Here is a sneak peak at Body Beast if you want to check it out and learn more about how it all works:

Pros and Cons

Body Beast is a great overall workout, but like anything, there are some things that could be improved.

Here are the pros and cons I found:


  • Sagi is a machine and he definitely keeps you motivated throughout the entire series. It helps to have someone with so much energy and enthusiasm encouraging you through the workouts to keep you going.
  • High quality program that is very easy to follow.
  • Affordable – Costs about the same as a 1-2 month gym membership.
  • Can be done at home or at the gym, so there is a lot of flexibility.
  • Actually delivers results.
  • Comes with a nutrition and supplement regimen so you have all the pieces necessary to build an impressive physique.


  • There is basically no stretching throughout the workout. Personally, I incorporated some Yoga and daily stretching into my routine so that my muscles would be more flexible and less prone to injury.
  • Does require you to have your own equipment or use equipment at a gym.

Best Place to Buy Body Beast?

If you’re sold on Body Beast and want to give it a try, head on over to Beachbody’s official website to purchase it. By going through their site, you will get the best price, you can check out all the different packages they have available, and you will make sure you’re getting the full guarantee.


I’m not going to lie, this workout regimen is tough, but it has a specific goal in mind and I have to say that it works.

If you are a runner and are trying to prep for a marathon, this is not the program for you. However, if you are looking to put on some muscle, this is the workout that you have been waiting for.

This program does not promise speed, flexibility, or firm legs and thighs, it promises to help you build muscle and to that it delivers.

If you are looking for a home body building regimen, the Body Beast workout program is a great choice. You can purchase the basic package for just over $40, which is the average cost for a one month gym membership, and this program is so much better.

You can do the workouts as laid out and in just a few months you will have muscles that everyone envies. I cannot even tell you how many people have asked me about this program since I started it a few months ago.

And since it’s from Beach Body, you know it’s a reputable company that delivers results with their programs time and time again.

So check out Body Beast today – you won’t be disappointed.

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