About the Trainer: Sagi Kalev

About the Trainer: Sagi Kalev

body-beast-sagi-kalevHere is a brief biography about the trainer Sagi Kalev. Sagi Kalev immigrated to the United States in 1993 destined to pursue bodybuilding and fitness modeling. He is a current resident of Dallas, Texas and holds many titles in the fitness world. These titles include fitness model, bodybuilder, and nutritionist. Find more details on FitnesStep1

Interestingly, Sagi Kalev was discovered at a local gym. He first started his career in modeling, working with Martin Ryter (an American photographer), who was able to put him on the cover of the well-known Men’s Workout magazine.

After being discovered, Kalev competed in several bodybuilding competitions throughout the country. As he was reaching the age of retirement, he only participated in local bodybuilding competitions. He has won several titles and awards throughout his career as a bodybuilder.

Sagi Kalev has made several appearances in different bodybuilding and fitness photo shoots including Men’s Workout, Muscle and Fitness, Iron Man, and Reps. He is a well-known, accomplished bodybuilder and personal trainer. He is certified by The Professional Personal Trainers Association (also known as the ProPTA) as a personal trainer.

Kalev is also known as “Mr. Israel”. He served a four-year tour of duty in the Israeli Army. In that four years, Kalev played a valuable part in the military, including participation in Operation Desert Storm. After leaving the military, he resumed his weightlifting and bodybuilding career. This is why he is deemed “Mr. Israel”, a name which he obtained over his years of experience.

When I get back home for the day, my significant other and I cook supper, I put on unwinding music, have supper, and unwind with her and the pooches. Furthermore, three to four days for each week I utilize the infrared treatment machine in the house. For supper, I have a substantial bowl of blended verdant greens. I pivot each day between meat, ground chicken, and fish. The supper beneath is a mix of hamburger, chickpeas, spinach, dim verdant greens, and a few carrots.

For dessert, I blend one bundle of Vanilla Shakeology with one parcel of Café Latte. To that, I include some low-calorie coconut drain, stevia, some solidified, hacked natural fruits, ¼ container fragmented almonds, ⅛ teaspoon of heating pop, and 1 tablespoon of New Zealand Honey. I place it in the cooler for 10 minutes and that is my pastry for the night.  In that four years, Kalev played a valuable part in the military, including participation in Operation Desert Storm.

I go to bed around 11 and get up around 7, with no wake up timer. My energy awakens me. For me, it’s not tied in with getting eight hours of rest during the evening since it’s not valid. In view of my examination, your largest amount of recuperation occurs between 10 PM to 12 AM, at that point between 12 AM to 4 AM, that is the point at which your organs recoup the most elevated, and between 5 AM to 7 AM, to right around 8 AM, that is the point at which your mind is getting the most recuperation.

One run I do have is that I rest in total murkiness. The mind gets mistook for evening time and daytime. To show signs of improvement rest, kill your WiFi when you rest and ensure your room is extremely dim.

In 2011, Sagi Kalev partnered with Beachbody. In doing so, he was able to developed Body Beast, a body-building program released in June 2012. He is still actively involved in the fitness world, training several days a week.

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